About Krista

About Krista St Germain Family
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When my husband was killed by a drunk driver, I was devastated.

Therapy helped me survive the tidal wave of grief and unfurl myself from the fetal position.

I went back to work. Everyone kept telling me how “strong” I was.

I acted strong in front of my kids.

But inside I felt hollow.

All my dreams had included him.

I desperately wanted to believe I could still have a happy, fulfilling life but I wasn’t sure how.

Then I began to research grief, trauma and healing extensively. I studied cognitive behavioral coaching and read every book I could find. I combined what I learned about Post Traumatic Growth with cognitive science based coaching tools and figured out how to turn my loss into a strategy for growth.

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I learned to see myself as
because of what I’d been through instead of using it as a reason
to stop dreaming
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I created a new life using small, manageable steps and techniques that made sense.

The changes I experienced were so profound I became a Master Certified Life Coach and created a group coaching program for widows like us called Mom Goes On.

Our program has given hundreds of widowed moms the tools they need to get unstuck and back to truly loving life again.

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