When my husband was killed by a drunk driver, I was devastated.

Therapy helped me survive the tidal wave of grief and unfurl myself from the fetal position.

I went back to work. Everyone kept telling me how “strong” I was.

I acted strong in front of my kids.

But inside I felt hollow.

All my dreams had included him.

I desperately wanted to believe I could still have a happy, fulfilling life but I wasn’t sure how.

Then I began to research grief, trauma and healing extensively. I studied cognitive behavioral coaching and read every book I could find. I combined what I learned about Post Traumatic Growth with cognitive science based coaching tools and figured out how to turn my loss into a strategy for growth.

I learned to see myself as stronger because of what I’d been through instead of using it as a reason to stop dreaming.

I created a new life using small, manageable steps and techniques that made sense.

The changes I experienced were so profound I became a Master Certified Life Coach and created a group coaching program for widows like us called Mom Goes On. It’s now my mission to show widowed moms exactly how to do what I’ve done and create a future they can look forward to.

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