If you're a widow who hates being asked, "How are you doing?" you're not alone. This short podcast episode will teach you how to respond with confidence.

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What Listeners are Saying...

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"Thank You!"

"I'm so happy to have found these podcasts. All of the topics are things I have wondered about or struggled with as a new widow. Krista brings clarity into my life and I feel empowered after listening to each episode. I can't thank you enough!"

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"A Must Have For Widows"

"Wow. Only on the 3rd episode and I feel like she is sitting with me, speaking to me. It's hard to find someone who gets it. Even my wonderful therapist doesn't get it as she has not lost a spouse. I've been in therapy, trying to find my way to peacefulness and I've been stuck. Krista has pushed a button in me that has me listening up again. A must have podcast for all widowed mamas (or daddies)."

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"Genuinely Love This Podcast!"

"Krista knows grief and the landmines that come with it -- so the topics have been spot-on, insightful and packed with clear, constructive advice. I come away from each podcast with a little more clarity and inner peace that I'm finding my way."


I'm Krista St-Germain...

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When my husband was killed by a drunk driver, I struggled to imagine how I could ever love life without him. I was only 40 and all of my dreams for the future included him.

Now, as a Master Certified Life Coach and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast, my mission is to teach others what I’ve learned about grief and healing.

And since “How are you doing?” is one of the most commonly dreaded questions for widows, this podcast episode will help you answer it with confidence.

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Please read my privacy policy to see I take your privacy seriously.

Almost there...

Please read my privacy policy to see I take your privacy seriously.