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What Listeners are Saying...

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"Thank You!"

"I'm so happy to have found these podcasts. All of the topics are things I have wondered about or struggled with as a new widow. Krista brings clarity into my life and I feel empowered after listening to each episode. I can't thank you enough!"

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"A Must Have For Widows"

"Wow. Only on the 3rd episode and I feel like she is sitting with me, speaking to me. It's hard to find someone who gets it. Even my wonderful therapist doesn't get it as she has not lost a spouse. I've been in therapy, trying to find my way to peacefulness and I've been stuck. Krista has pushed a button in me that has me listening up again. A must have podcast for all widowed mamas (or daddies)."

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"Genuinely Love This Podcast!"

"Krista knows grief and the landmines that come with it -- so the topics have been spot-on, insightful and packed with clear, constructive advice. I come away from each podcast with a little more clarity and inner peace that I'm finding my way."


I'm Krista St-Germain...

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When my husband was killed by a drunk driver, I struggled to imagine how I could ever love life without him. I was only 40 and all of my dreams for the future included him.

Now, as a Master Certified Life Coach and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast, my mission is to teach others what I’ve learned about grief and healing.

Let’s face it… being a new widow is really hard. This podcast bundle will make it easier!

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Please read my privacy policy to see I take your privacy seriously.