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This might sound familiar…
You want to be confident handling a client’s most painful coaching requests

But worry you’ll come across as cold, fall in the pool or say the wrong thing

You know the Model but feel unsure about how to use it for grief

So you tip-toe around heavy topics and don’t feel as sure of your coaching as you’d like

You’ve heard our culture sucks at grief and want to have a better understanding of grief myths and theory

But don’t want to read all the books

Or maybe you’re where I was in 2017… wanting to help clients with grief but worried it will be too heavy or that you don’t have the required knowledge or experience?

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place and my Advanced Coaching Certification in Grief & Post Traumatic Growth will transform the way you coach.

Hi, I’m Krista St-Germain, Master Coach Instructor, Grief and Post Traumatic Growth expert, widow and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast.

After my husband was killed by a drunk driver when I was 40, my whole world fell apart. Therapy helped me get back to functioning and unfurl from the fetal position. And eventually I found myself stuck in a grief plateau. Everyone was telling me how strong I was but I didn’t feel strong. Instead, I felt empty, hollow and robotic and secretly worried that my best days were behind me.

Thankfully, I found life coaching and began doing my own research on Grief and Post Traumatic Growth. I applied what I learned and used it to create a future I could truly love instead of resigning myself to a “new normal” I didn’t want. And once I figured it out for myself, I decided to certify as a coach, quit my comfortable corporate job and have since built a 7 figure business helping other widows use their loss to create lives they genuinely love.

I’ve heard the saddest of sad stories.

I’ve held space for hundreds of clients as they wept.

I’ve listened to stories of lives falling apart, and then helped my clients rebuild the next chapter knowing that growth after trauma is possible for all of us.


Imagine how much more powerful your coaching will be when you are:

Wondering if it’s right for you?

This certification is a great fit for you if:

This certification is not for you if:

How it works

Perhaps you’re wondering…

Submit your completed application along with 5 sets of Unintentional & Intentional Models right here.

We’ll review your application. You’ll be notified by X date of your acceptance status. Assuming your application is accepted (which it will be because you do quality work, right?) you’ll receive a link to enroll.

As long as you understand and use The Model in your coaching, we welcome newly certified LCS coaches.

All coaches will benefit from this certification, even those with years of experience!

Yes. This program is only open to coaches who are both LCS Certified and have Active Status.

Graduates will be part of our online community.

This program is everything you need and nothing more. We don’t believe in busy work. That said, we suggest you plan for approximately X hours per week during our 12 weeks together.

All calls will be recorded so attendance is not required. However, those who don’t attend calls will miss out on the opportunity to receive live coaching from Krista.

This certification is not for everyone. The application process is our way of making sure you’re in the right place and set up to be successful.

Absolutely. Grief is far more than bereavement and we want you to be comfortable coaching both death and non-death losses. Whether your clients are dealing with painful breakups, divorces, empty nesting, loss of a career or any other number of perceived losses, this certification will help.

Yes. You can choose between one payment of 15K or 3 payments of 5K. All payments must be made prior to program start.

My worries about coaching grief are nothing more than distant memories. This certification will do the same for you. 

Can’t wait to see you inside!