Are You a Hot Mess?

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Yesterday a client asked me if I thought she was a hot mess.

Honestly, aren’t we all sometimes?

We walk around, putting our best foot forward, displaying our perfectly curated highlight reels on social media and smiling as though we have it all together. But we hide the self-doubt we feel about our parenting skills, the shame we feel about yesterday’s secret cake binge and all our thoughts of “not-enoughness.”

We don’t show our loneliness, our lack of joy or anything we perceive to be an imperfection fearing people might not like us if they see the not-so-pretty parts.

What I love about coaching is giving my clients a safe, non-judgmental space in which they can empty their chaotic brains of habitual thoughts that rattle around creating pain, loneliness and doubt. Like watching a movie, we look at their thoughts together. I show them exactly WHY things feel so messy. So many thoughts creating so much unintentional drama. I love watching the relief they feel when they understand what’s causing the chaos and knowing I can teach them strategies to tame it.

An unmanaged mind is like a toddler running around with a knife. It doesn’t mean to do any damage but it requires supervision.

So, yes, most of us are really good at hiding it, but we’re all a bit of a hot mess.

If you’d like to clean up the mess, I’ve got you. And you’d be amazed at what we can accomplish in a mini-session. They’re my favorite! Click here for yours.

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