Can You Handle Another Loss?

After losing her husband of 15 years, Amanda met someone new. Her kids liked him, his kids liked her, he had proposed marriage and they were in love. But with the wedding only two weeks away, Amanda started to feel scared.

“What if he dies before me? I don’t think I can handle another loss,” she wrote.

I get it.

It makes sense that Amanda’s brain wants to protect her and keep her safely in the cave.

And it’s possible Amanda’s fiancé could die before her.

But I don’t think another loss is the worst thing that could happen.

The worst thing that could happen is Amanda protects her heart and doesn’t fully allow herself to love again. That she decides to feel badly now so she can avoid potentially feeling bad in the future. That she makes a decision from fear instead of from love.

Amanda’s already proven she can survive loss. And how much more treasured and wonderful is the experience of love when we know it is a gift?

Don’t make decisions from fear, my friends. Choose love. Always.

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