Remember Your Loved One and Find Support in Grief With our Top Two Resources for Widowed Moms

Memories That Matter:

A journal with 100 prompts to preserve memories with your loved one forever


Dear New Widow:

A beautiful e-book created for widowed moms by widowed moms who have been through it. 

Get Support, Encouragement & Lasting Memories

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Don’t let the memories fade away

The memories that Matter Journal includes 100 prompts so you can:

You don’t have to go through this alone

Get comfort and inspiration from other widowed moms.

Finding your way after loss can be a difficult journey. That's why we created these two resources to provide comfort and support so you don't have to feel so alone.

- Krista

Krista St-Germain
Master Certified Life Coach and Top Widow Podcaster

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You don’t have to go through this alone. Each month we dive deep into a real-life topic and provide support to help you feel better, deal with the unique challenges widowed moms face and provide resources & support along your widow journey.

Words from Clients

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I love working with Krista. The work I have done with her is so different than work I did with my counselor after my husband died. Krista has taught me how to feel my feelings, how and why my brain thinks the thoughts it does, and that I don’t have to accept every thought my brain offers. A big win for me has been the work Krista has taught me about my inner critic- she taught me how to love myself-really life changing at age 60. Krista has given me many tools that not only serve me when dealing with grief, but also help me when dealing with myself/my feelings, my relationships, and has prepared me for difficult times that will inevitably come in the future.
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Working with Krista is a really uplifting experience. She listens to what I say and how I want to proceed with my life without passing judgment. Instead, she helps me assess my thinking and find ways of thinking that will help me accomplish my goals. I like the way she turns my thoughts around and stops me in my tracks with the new perspective. She is completely herself, and relating to her is super easy.
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Working with Krista has been so empowering! She has the ability to draw out the key elements from the mess in my mind and reframe it, in order that I might make sense of it. I love her style of coaching which I'd describe as kind and caring yet no nonsense. I feel very comfortable talking about anything with her and genuinely feel she not only understands but really is a friend who wants the best for me. I have never heard her coach in a way that felt harsh. Somehow she always has a way to positively affect the person she is coaching, in a very timely manner! She is very skilled in her ability to coach!
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There is a moment in the coaching calls when Krista finds, for each woman, the center of her storm, the source of her suffering in the life situation that is receiving coaching. And from that place Krista gently guides her to a way of thinking and feeling that brings relief and hope. Not by offering solutions, but by suggesting she has the power within herself to create a life that is rich and full, and free from suffering. Krista truly has a unique gift for this work. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to the growth and healing of the women in the program. Her compassionate way of caring and responding to the pain of others permeates every aspect of the program. I began the MGO program in a dark and sad place after the death of my husband, and her coaching, tools and personal support have helped me to put away my own suffering and find light and the beginning of joy and purpose. I am finally ready to make those first forward steps into the rest of my life.
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Working with with Krista has been a game changer for me! She creates a safe non-judgemental space that allows you to dig deep and tackle your biggest obstacles.
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The most impactful thing I have received from working with Krista is HOPE. Hope that I'm not stuck in sadness and despair. Hope that tomorrow can be better than yesterday. Hope that I can control my thoughts and what I choose to make of them. I'm so thankful for Krista and the path of hope she's blazed for widows like me.
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I wouldn’t be where I am today without Krista! She’s real. She’s raw. She’s patient. Did I say she’s real?! There have been coaching calls where I think to myself… “This is a hard one….there is no way she can coach them through this….” And then she does! She is simply incredible. She finds new ways for us to view and perceive our grief, and our lives. She tells us to allow all of the feelings and never shames us for doing certain things or feeling certain ways. Krista is a true gift to anyone who knows her or works with her!
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Working with Krista has helped me find my way back. I felt lost for so long after my husband passed away - with no direction or purpose. Krista helped me navigate the rough waters. More importantly, she gave me the tools to help myself as I continue to navigate life with grief and hope.
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I love having step-by-step tools that I know I have the power to use to make things better for myself! I started the program thinking I needed to find some big purpose so my life would have meaning and happiness. I now am more clear on my purpose and values, I have learned my purpose is to just live my life and I am happier with my everyday choices, changing my thought to “I want to” instead of “I should or I need to” has helped me enjoy the little everyday things. I have more self-confidence, making decisions is easier and I love the thought there is no right or wrong decision. I am more curious about trying new things knowing the worse thing that can happen are feelings. I know with certainty that I can do hard things and that I can have a happy future. I feel proud of myself and very hopeful for the future.
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Before working with Krista St-Germain I felt hopeless. Being married for nearly 31 years my identity was very much attached to being Eddie's wife. Krista was able to help me understand my grief, embrace my independence and look forward to my future. I was able to find joy in my life and look forward to my future. I have gained the resources to make this happen.
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Shortly after my husband passed away in the summer of 2018, I received an invitation to join Krista’s Facebook group for widowed moms. About a year later, I learned about her podcast and started listening. The podcast was a real game changer in my life. Just listening to her words of wisdom inspired me to push forward in my life. I ultimately found my new person and was happily married but still felt some stress of past trauma. After the fourth anniversary of my late husband’s death, I reached out and joined Krista’s group coaching program. Krista’s coaching has led me continue to move forward in my life. She is an inspiration and has helped me realize that I can live the life that is right for me. Krista shares the tools you need to help yourself. I am just sorry it took me four years to reach out and ask for her help.
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Krista’s positivity and sincere caring concern is what drew me to her program. She genuinely cares about anyone who is a member and is so understanding and supportive of what they need help in. I always leave the podcasts and coaching calls with hope and insight and a very upbeat feeling.
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