Feeling alone as a widow? Wishing you had encouragement from other widowed moms? Introducing Dear New Widow

Perfect for when you need a little pick-me-up or feel like no one understands, “Dear New Widow” is relatable, uplifting, compassionate and practical.

The widow journey is unlike any other and “Dear New Widow” will help. My name is Krista St-Germain and I was 40 when my husband died. None of one of my friends could relate and the only widows I knew were my grandma’s age. 

And the people who loved me didn’t have much to offer except “Don’t worry, you’re young” and “He’s in a better place” and “At least he’s not suffering.” Ugh. I felt misunderstood and completely alone. 

And when I looked online for help, most of what I found was depressing. 

Our culture is terrible at grief. And advice from people who haven’t been through it just doesn’t help. 

So that you don’t have to feel so alone, I created “Dear New Widow” an e-book full of advice from actual widows who have been through it. 

I know it will bring your comfort and inspiration exactly when you need it most!

Much love,

Krista St-Germain

Master Certified Life Coach, host of “The Widowed Mom Podcast” and founder of the Mom Goes On coaching program for widowed moms. 

You might be wondering...

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If you’re like most widows, you might be feeling alone. With notes from widowed moms who have been where you are, “Dear New Widow” offers the support and encouragement you need right now.

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“I wish I had been given this book in the beginning. Reading this felt like a big hug that we could all have used. Brings a little more sense at a time where you're trying to find what makes sense.”
Felicia Detten
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“If I had Dear New Widow, I would’ve known I’m not a weirdo or alone or “doing grief wrong”, and that there was a tiny shred of hope up ahead. Please give yourself the gift of reading this valuable and powerful resource.”
Avianca Bouchedid
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“Losing your partner is devastating and disorienting. When you’re not sure where to turn, this guide can be your compass.”
Amy Petty
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“When my husband died, I was enveloped by a darkness that I had never experienced prior. I had never felt so alone before and life looked very bleak. I wish I'd had Dear New Widow as a resource then. I've learned, in time, that there is a whole community of women out there who have walked in my shoes. They have wisdom to share that’s given my heart hope. If you are one of us, do yourself a favor and read the love and support in these pages.”
Alexis Cuthbert
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“This book will put 'breath in your lungs' to help you feel you're not alone and you're normal and you're going to make it.”
Dina Lundblom
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“This book will put 'breath in your lungs' to help you feel you're not alone and you're normal and you're going to make it.” - Dina Lundblom “I found Krista and this book 3 months after losing the love of my life and our eldest daughter. I felt lost and even though I had amazing support, this book provided me support by those that have and were walking this grief journey. They understood my deep despair. The ups and downs… in moments when the ocean waves of grief were violent and stormy, I would cling to these words of encouragement and understanding - knowing that I was not alone and feeling hope for a future of thriving not just surviving.”
Kaydee Castricone
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“This book is a lifeline from understanding hearts when you may feel yours is too numb or shattered to go on. You can, you will, and you are not alone. You. Are. Not. Alone. You can find and make new meaning. You can not only go on, but bring your person’s love with you, into a beautiful future. We are holding that for you until you can step into believing it.”
Dr. Linda Shanti, Certified grief counselor, expressive arts therapist, and widowed mom
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“Oh how I wish I had this book in the behind of my grief journey. Losing my partner as we began planning for our wedding and how to combine our families into one household, I wasn’t even sure I was a widow. But messages like these that normalized my experiences and confirmed I was not alone were the bandage my wounded heart needed to start mending. Welcome to the club none of us wanted to join, we see you and are here to support you!”
Dorie Murphy