Game On

I discovered Life Coaching by accident. I wasn’t looking for a coach or aware of what one did for that matter. I was simply trying to figure out why I wasn’t happy and what to do about it. Thankfully, my google search for happiness lead me to a podcast about Life Coaching.

Fast forward a few years. I had survived a divorce, the challenges of single parenting and re-married the man of my dreams, Hugo St-Germain. (Dark haired, loving, and brilliant with a beautiful Quebecois French accent… literally the man I thought didn’t exist.) Life together was perfect… and my children and family adored him.

On our way home from a weekend volunteering at a summer camp, my tire went flat. I pulled to the shoulder and he parked his car behind mine. While he was getting my spare, a man intoxicated and high on meth, crashed into Hugo’s car, trapping him. In less than 24 hours, he was gone, and with him our dreams of a future together. It was the surreal stuff of nightmares.

I immediately saw my therapist, who had been a great resource during my divorce. And while it allowed me to vent and be heard, therapy wasn’t where I found the strategies I needed to take my life in the direction I knew it could go. The tools that changed the trajectory of my life came from Life Coaching.

I learned how to manage my mind, pick up the broken pieces and rebuild my dreams. My confidence sky-rocketed as I allowed myself to lean in to what some call Post Traumatic Growth.

I grew stronger, better, happier and wiser.

Knowing deeply that life was short and unpredictable, I followed my heart and changed careers. Now I coach other moms who know the pain of losing their husbands unexpectedly. I empower them to make the positive changes they so desperately want but may have given up on. I teach women practical tools so they can create their own joy and get excited about the future again.

We can’t control the cards we’re dealt, my friends. But we can still play a great game. I have no idea how many lives we get to live but in case this is the only one… I hope you’ll join me in saying, “Game on.”

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I created a new life using small, manageable steps and techniques that made sense. The changes I experienced were so profound I became a Master Certified Life Coach and created a group coaching program for widows like us called Mom Goes On. It’s now my mission to show widowed moms exactly how to do what I’ve done and create a future they can look forward to.

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