Breaking through a grief plateau:

A Masterclass for Widowed Moms

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any of this sound familiar?
You're getting through your days but not really enjoying them

But you feel overwhelmed or unclear about what you want in the future.

You want to believe it's possible to love life again even though your spouse died

But you feel guilty when you think about it or don't know how to make it happen.

You're scrolling, staying busy, or turning to food or alcohol to avoid feeling bad

And even though you know it's not what you want, you feel frustrated because you haven't been able to change it.

Most widowed moms have no idea what a Grief Plateau is or how to get out of it - this Masterclass will change that.

If I hadn’t done it myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it was possible.

After my husband, Hugo, was killed by a drunk driver when I was 40, I found it difficult to deal with the holiday season. I was no longer curled up in the fetal position and had gone back to work. But I didn’t feel as strong as everyone was telling me I looked… and I definitely wasn’t looking forward to doing life without him. I felt robotic, hollow and even though I was back to functioning, I wasn’t really LIVING. I wanted to love my life again, but I didn’t know how. I was completely stuck in what I call a Grief Plateau but didn’t have a name for it or know how to free myself.

Fortunately, I discovered life coaching and Post Traumatic Growth. The tools were so powerful that I decided to devote my career to helping other widows genuinely love their lives again, too. None of us need to settle for a “new normal” that’s less than what we want  or stay stuck in a Grief Plateau when we could get back to loving life.

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What you’ll learn

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How to recognize when you’re stuck in a Grief Plateau so you can break free of it.

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What Post Traumatic Growth is and why it’s possible for you, even if you’ve never heard of it!

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The top 5 mistakes most widowed moms make that keep them stuck in a Grief Groundhog’s Day.

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The two meta-skills that all widows need in order to break through a Grief Plateau and why the Autonomic Nervous System plays a crucial role in moving forward.

What clients say about working with Krista...

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You’re a great fit if…

You’re not quite ready if…

How it works

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"Breaking Through a Grief Plateau" is for you no matter how old your children are or when your partner died…

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My partner just died…

You are welcome to join this Masterclass even if your loss was recent and your widow fog is intense. You will be able to use these tools no matter how recently your partner died.

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My partner has been gone for years…

One of the most common myths of grief is that “time heals” and this can be incredibly frustrating when time has passed and you still aren’t loving your life! If you’re tired of watching time pass and just going through the motions, you’re not alone and this event will help!

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I have young children…

Managing your grief while solo parenting and helping your children manage their grief is daunting at best. And while it’s easy to put your own needs aside and focus on your children, it’s a terrible long term strategy and won’t help you create what you want. Grief is a marathon, not a sprint and as cliché as it sounds, you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first. This event will give you tools you need and can use immediately. And it’s designed with a busy solo mom’s schedule in mind and full of other widowed moms who “get it” when no one else in your world does.

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My children are grown…

Once a mom, always a mom. And while the challenges of parenting adult children are different from those with young children, they aren’t necessarily any easier and most non-widows don’t understand. This event will help you feel better and get unstuck from a grief plateau, regardless of whether your children live with you or have children of their own.

What if you could get what you need to recognize and break through a Grief Plateau so you can get back to loving life?

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Let Krista St-Germain, Master Certified Life Coach and Top Widow Podcaster, help you in this online Masterclass.

"Breaking Through a Grief Plateau" a Masterclass for Widowed Moms

  • In 90 minutes with Krista, you'll learn how to identify a Grief Plateau, what Post Traumatic Growth is and why it's possible for all widowed moms, the top 5 mistakes most widowed moms don’t know they’re making, the two meta-skills you MUST have to break through a Grief Plateau, and why the Autonomic Nervous System plays a key role
  • A follow-along digital workbook so it's easier to remember and apply what you learn.
  • Access to the recording and support materials so you can come back as many times as you need for as long as you need!
  • This Masterclass is entirely online so you can participate in a way that works best for your busy schedule no matter what time zone you live in.
Perhaps you're wondering...

This Masterclass is simple but powerful. All you have to do is apply what you learn and you will make progress! (I’ve helped hundreds of widows inside my paid coaching programs since 2018 and if they can do it, so can you!)

We get it. Some people just want to talk about how awful it is to be a widow. This experience is not a pity party. We believe in acknowledging that it’s hard and then deciding to be women who do hard things. That said, all emotions are welcome and it’s ok if you cry. We’re just not going to stay stuck in the sadness.

We’ve designed this Masterclass with busy moms in mind. And this event will take less time than most of us spend scrolling on social media.

If you’re willing to invest 90 minutes you’ll benefit in powerful ways!

No, all widowed moms are welcome in this Masterclass and in Mom Goes On, our 6 month paid coaching program. The average member has children at home or in college but many members have grown children and even grandchildren.

Simply click the “Join Now” button, register for the Masterclass and we’ll send all the details to your inbox.

We are an inclusive community. If you identify as a woman and a widow, you are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Many women join our programs having had challenging relationships. Some were even separated or divorced at the time of their partner’s death. This can make grief and healing more complex. Regardless of the type of the challenges you faced while they were living, this Masterclass will help!

Losing your parter to suicide is complicated and we have coached many widows through the nuances of healing after a suicide loss. All losses are welcome in this Masterclass.