Her Transformation Was Breathtaking

I never get tired of watching someone transform. This week I had the pleasure of reflecting on six weeks of coaching with one of my clients. It was amazing to hear her describe her circumstances, which really hadn’t changed much, in a completely different way then she had when we first began working together. She learned strategies that enabled her to see her world differently and wow, was it transformative!

Only weeks before, she believed her job was stressful, her home was overwhelming, her personal life was lonely and her relationships with her children were painful and draining. Week by week we talked through her thoughts, the results they were producing and she began to learn and practice the skill of managing her mind.

As we concluded her 6th session, her thoughts were drastically different. Her job had become exciting again, she no longer saw her home as a burden, she believed she was surrounded by supportive people who loved her and her relationships with her children had led her to expansive personal growth for which she was extremely grateful.

As her coach it was a gift to watch her do the work and see the results. It is an absolute truth that not one single circumstance needs to change in order for your life experience to change completely.

What a blessing it is for me to do this work!

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