How to Feel Less Overwhelmed with One Little Switch

I hear you. You feel overwhelmed more often then you care to admit.

Running a house and raising kids by yourself is a completely different ball game then when your husband was there to help you. I totally get it.

Here’s what you need to know.

The thoughts you choose about your to do list matter.

“I have to do it all myself” may seem like a fact to you. But it’s really just a thought. When you think it, you feel overwhelmed. And when you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s difficult to take effective action. The thought “I have to do it all myself” isn’t useful and it slows you down.

So, what are you telling me, Krista?

I’m telling you there are more useful thoughts available for you if you know to look for them. What feelings do you need to help you get a jump on your to do list? Feelings like motivated and focused will fuel effective action much more than overwhelmed any day of the week. Choose thoughts that create those emotions.

Try these on for size:

I’m a person who gets things done, no matter what.
I can have fun and get things done at the same time.
I’m a badass and will do what needs to be done today.
I know exactly what needs to be done today and all I need to do is follow the list.
I just need to take the next action.
If anyone can handle this day, it’s me.
I’m a person who gets it done.

Remember: Overwhelmed is an emotion we create with our thoughts. And all thoughts are optional.

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