How to Stop Wasting Time & Make Decisions Quickly

I used to make decisions at roughly the speed of smell.

I sincerely believed that there were right decisions and wrong decisions and that it was my job to make the right decisions. I would carefully weigh all the options and painstakingly comb over all the possible outcomes. I created stress where there didn’t need to be stress. Can you relate to this?

After building my decision-making muscles, I make decisions closer to the speed of gel polish drying under an LED light (way faster than normal polish but not as fast as the quick dry stuff that chips easily). My ultimate goal, is as they say in the movie “Spaceballs,” is “Ludicrous Speed.”

Here’s the thing. If we can argue that a decision is right or wrong, then we get to choose. Because what makes it right or wrong is how we choose to think about it.

Did you know that you can decide to believe whatever decision you make will be perfect? That’s a thought worth practicing.

Imagine if you had your own back on every decision you made.

What if you never wasted time feeling regret?

This is available to you.

Have a decision to make?

Imagine all options turn out amazing and that you would be successful with any of them. Which one would you choose?

If it didn’t matter that you “failed,” which would you do? (Hint – failure is determined by our thoughts which we control completely.)

What would love do? (Love always seems to know.)

Imagine you are 84 and wise, tell your younger self what to do.

Which option moves you toward who you want to be?

Now, make a decision and don’t look back. Decide it was the perfect decision for you.

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