Looking for an easy way to remember the most important memories you shared with your person? Introducing...

After losing my husband, one of my biggest fears was that I’d forget the details of our life together. I wanted to remember all of it!

I wrote down everything I could think of in a blank journal but looking back I know I missed so many things. 

Now, as a Life Coach who has helped thousands of widows in grief, I know exactly the questions I would have asked myself so I could remember all the good stuff. And since I don’t want you to struggle as much as I did, I’ve made it easier for you by creating a beautiful digital journal with 100 prompts to make documenting your memories simple. Just download, print and fill in the blanks. 

The Memories that Matter Journal includes 100 prompts so you can:


When our person is gone, our memories are what remain.

My wish for you is that the Memories that Matter Journal helps you find comfort and keep the memories you care about close to your heart.

You might be wondering...

No. This purchase is a digital copy of Memories that Matter in pdf format. Within a few minutes of purchasing, your digital copy will be sent to the email address you provide at checkout. You can then print Memories that Matter at home or send it to the printer of your choice.

We recommend For those who live in the US & Canada you can have your book printed and mailed to you for less than $12.50 including shipping!

It was designed with widows in mind but could also be valuable for those who want to remember any life-partner or significant other.

If you’re like most widows, memories of your person are precious. We strongly suggest you order Memories that Matter now so you can start documenting important memories before they fade.

No. All purchases are final.

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