Client Testimonials

Hundreds of widowed moms have joined Mom Goes On and are truly loving life again. Without forcing gratitude, thinking positively, or reading more grief books.

Here are just a few…

I went from not wanting to get off my couch and having absolutely no motivation to knowing I can do this and to improving my life immensely. Mom Goes On is what saved me.

Annette Warmoth

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For a very long time I felt my experiences in life were unlike anyone I knew.

When I joined my very first call on MGO…I met a group of women just like me.
Christa Debbout

That is a really positive aspect of the program for me that we could lift each other up in whatever it was that we're trying to move forward with. Mom Goes On is a gift.


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Working with Krista is a really uplifting experience.

She listens to what I say and how I want to proceed with my life without passing judgment. Instead, she helps me assess my thinking and find ways of thinking that will help me accomplish my goals. I like the way she turns my thoughts around and stops me in my tracks with the new perspective. She is completely herself, and relating to her is super easy.

I thought I was going into this program to help me being a widow, but I’ve been amazed at how much it’s helped in every aspect of my life. I would just say that I think this is probably one of the most valuable things I’ve ever done for myself in my entire life.


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Mom Goes On has truly helped me to change the way I think about EVERYTHING.

The biggest hurdle for me was imagining a life that could be as full as it once was. It was so hard for me to wrap my brain around that concept. My son and I openly discuss our feelings and thoughts about our grief and I know the work that I am doing in MGO is positively affecting not only my life, but my son's life too.
Christy O’Neill

The program brought me back to the confident person that I thought I was and was previously, and so much more, I feel now, a version of myself that l’ve never felt before.


I remember listening to one of the episodes and I just, it was like a huge release and my shoulders and everything, and I just, and I just cried ’cause I was like, wow… Before I felt like I wasn’t doing grief the right way, whatever that was. Now I just feel like there’s nothing wrong with me.


The more she talked, the more understood I felt and the more hope that I had that there was something that I could do to make it better, that I wasn’t gonna be stuck… My life is better because of the program in a lot of ways.


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As a rookie in the program, I would already say I haven't found anything comparable.

Mom Goes On pushes me to move past the "wallowing in my grief" and become energized about the possibilities in front of me. BUT, still allows me to feel okay with my sad and angry emotions about losing Bob way too soon!

I can hold on to feeling disappointment that he will not be at our sons' weddings, that he will never hold his grandchildren. But, this program teaches us to hold on to that sadness in one hand and on the other hand feel enthusiasm for the life stretching out in front of us.
Susan Carpenter

… I came across Krista’s podcast and it just spoke to me. I didn’t know anything about being a widow, I’d never been to therapy, I’d never had coaching, I had never had any of it but there’s something about her podcast that I finally felt like in this groundless foundation that I was at there’s someone out there who gets what I’m going through.


So when I found this program, mom Goes On, it really spoke to who I was. My confidence has increased.I’m a licensed clinical social worker, so I know about grief and I know about counseling but this spoke to me in a different way.


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Working with Krista has been so empowering!

She has the ability to draw out the key elements from the mess in my mind and reframe it, in order that I might make sense of it. I love her style of coaching which I'd describe as kind and caring yet no nonsense. I feel very comfortable talking about anything with her and genuinely feel she not only understands but really is a friend who wants the best for me.

Krista’s program’s been worth the investment. She just has helped me understand my thoughts aren’t true. I get to choose and that sounds kind of trivial when you don’t really understand. it, but that has helped a lot. I really wanted tools to move forward, and I didn’t know how to do that without Mom Goes On.


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The community of Widowed Moms has been amazing.

I’m in month 2, and I’m seeing significant shifts in my thoughts, how I process my feelings, and even how I talk about feelings with my kids. I have become a better communicator with my kids and it has been really helpful when working through our grief.

Danielle Fitzpatrick

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What you are going through is hard but you don't have to do it alone.

Initially the most important part of Mom Goes On for me was that it helped to normalize my experience, validate my feelings and help me feel less alone. Once I learned to use the tools to manage my mind, I began to use them to navigate all of the challenges that I ran into as a solo-parent still grieving. I am using the tools today to rebuild my life with more intention than I ever had in the past.
Nicole Gordon

Her understanding resonated with me of what I was going through and the feelings I was having, that changed every single day.... Krista just got it. I knew that she could guide me through the process…


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I wouldn’t be where I am today without Krista! She’s real. She’s raw. She’s patient.

There have been coaching calls where I think to myself… “This is a hard one….there is no way she can coach them through this….” And then she does! She finds new ways for us to view and perceive our grief, and our lives. She tells us to allow all of the feelings and never shames us for doing certain things or feeling certain ways. Krista is a true gift to anyone who knows her or works with her!

The sisterhood within the group is phenomenal. I've learned to choose thoughts with intention to create a life that I genuinely love and look forward to.


With Mom Goes On, I know every week I've got other people I can talk to that have had similar situations and they're thriving, they're living through it, they've gone on with their lives.


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Working with with Krista has been a game changer for me!

She creates a safe non-judgemental space that allows you to dig deep and tackle your biggest obstacles.

Every single time I would get done talking to her or bringing up something in life that was hard, I always felt better... And then I saw her and I saw this process work for her, and I saw it work for other women, and that gave me so much hope.


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Mom Goes On gave me hope and perspective that I wasn’t finding through traditional therapy.

I was definitely more of a behind the scenes member, but watching the replays and doing the workbooks was still very beneficial. I got more out of the program than any other books or therapy and I read a LOT of books. At one point when I asked my therapist if she could give me any additional advice she literally said "well you're the expert on grief now." I was functioning pretty well but needed some additional tools and perspectives to be in a place where I was more than just functioning. Mom Goes On helped with that.
Elaine Sherman
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I always leave the podcasts and coaching calls with hope and insight and a very upbeat feeling.

Krista’s positivity and sincere caring concern is what drew me to her program. She genuinely cares about anyone who is a member and is so understanding and supportive of what they need help in.


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There are real women who are doing it real-time and thriving.

There is no guidebook for life after spousal loss, but there are real women who are doing it real time and thriving. You can too.
Lori Douglas

I feel like the program helped me get to where I’m thriving, where I could have the confidence to figure out dating in my forties versus when I met my husband at 18. And it just gave me the tools to realize what is their models, what is mine?… And so I think that the coaching just gave me the tools to help see that. And I know I left the program way better…


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There is a moment in the coaching calls when Krista finds, for each woman, the center of her storm, the source of her suffering in the life situation that is receiving coaching.

And from that place Krista gently guides her to a way of thinking and feeling that brings relief and hope. Not by offering solutions, but by suggesting she has the power within herself to create a life that is rich and full, and free from suffering. Krista truly has a unique gift for this work.

She is passionate about her work and dedicated to the growth and healing of the women in the program. Her compassionate way of caring and responding to the pain of others permeates every aspect of the program.

One of my favorite things that I've learned from Mom Goes On is the ability to change my thoughts, change my feelings, change my actions, and change my results. It touches on a lot of different aspects of your life all at the sale time. Mom Goes On is a path forward.


With all the skills and tools that I'm learning with the coaching, it helps me create a more stable happy home for my kids.


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Things that I never thought I could get to, I see are now possible.

The work is not fluff, it’s true intense work on myself. I’ve come a long way from the dark places in my mind to seeing what’s possible for me.
Pam D.

Krista's program is a breath of fresh air. One of the benefits of the program is that I stopped worrying about whether I was doing widowhood wrong and just decided I would do it for me. With Mom Goes On, I came out with was a purpose and a future that I was looking forward to.


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Working with Krista has helped me find my way back.

I felt lost for so long after my husband passed away - with no direction or purpose. Krista helped me navigate the rough waters. More importantly, she gave me the tools to help myself as I continue to navigate life with grief and hope.

The more I work with Krista, the more I pull those layers away, the more I show up as who I really want to be, and it's been amazing.