The One Thing No One Tells You About Courage

I always imagined courage felt amazing. Spoiler alert… it feels terrible.

Before, when I imagined feeling courageous, I pictured myself in a super-woman pose complete with tights and a cape. Looking to the left, chin up, eyes squinty, lips pursed with determination. (I’m not the only one who practices power-posing in the mirror, right?)

But that’s not what courage looks like.

Think about it. We only need courage when facing something we’ve never encountered before. We need courage to do things we don’t yet have the confidence to do. Courage precedes capability, not the other way around.

Dan Sullivan explains it well when he teaches that the 4 C’s are only experienced in this order:
1) Commitment
2) Courage
3) Capability
4) Confidence

First you commit to something you’ve never done, then you must show courage as you rise up to the challenge. You stumble and fall as you practice this new thing in order to develop a new capability which results in confidence.

And courage, it turns out, feels terrible.

This is good to know. Because when you expect courage to feel terrible you won’t freak out and quit when it happens. Instead, you’ll remain open to those uncomfortable vibrations, knowing they are a sign you’re on the path to growth.

Then you can rock that super-woman pose with curtains wide open so the neighbors can see.

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