The Only Thing We Can Control

There’s one thing I know for sure in this world. Our control lies in our ability to choose our thoughts.

We can’t control the weather, other people or the economy. It’s true that we can attempt to influence, manipulate, persuade, coerce, sweet-talk, bribe, etc. but we don’t truly have dominion over anything except our thoughts.

Frankly, I’m glad this is true. Because most days it’s plenty of work to control my thoughts, let alone my neighbor’s thoughts.

As Byron Katie teaches, there are only three kinds of business in this world: mine, yours and God’s. When we find ourselves feeling stressed it’s often because we aren’t staying in our own business.

Stay in your business. Choose your thoughts. This is where your power lives.

PS – Did you know that when you choose your thoughts you also create your emotions which fuel your actions thus creating your results? I’m telling you, thoughts are everything.

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