What if I Never Find Happiness Again?

It’s entirely possible that you will never find another relationship as wonderful as the one you shared with your husband. In fact, it’s pretty much guaranteed if you are choosing the thought, “I’ll never find happiness again,” or some variation on the theme.

I get it. It seems like truth, doesn’t it? You might never find happiness again. But it isn’t true. It’s just an optional thought you don’t realize you’re choosing because you believe you’re making an observation.

The good news is that it’s only true if you decide it’s true.

If you want another happy relationship, you must decide to believe it’s possible. That’s the only way. If you choose to keep thinking “I’ll never find happiness again,” you won’t recognize the man of your dreams if he walks up to you, introduces himself and asks you on a date.

If it seems like a massive stretch to believe that you will most certainly find another amazing relationship, try these thoughts on for size:
I’m open to the idea that I might someday find happiness in a relationship again.
It’s possible, when the time is right, that I could find someone wonderful.
I’m becoming a person who believes that I might be in a happy relationship someday.
I willing to consider the idea that another amazing someone is out there.

Your ability to create happiness for yourself is completely up to you. I’m here if you need help.

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