Why High Achievers are Miserable

Many of my clients are high achievers. They go after what they want in life. They are financially successful, have amazing careers, are engaged in their families and communities and from a distance, all signs point toward “should be happy.” But many of them aren’t happy at all. In fact they’re exhausted and unfulfilled.


These women are driven. They set lofty goals and go get them. But they do it from a place of lack. They believe life will be better when the goal is accomplished. They can be happy when the to-do list is complete. They can feel good when the next job promotion has been received. They can love themselves when the number on the scale drops another few pounds.

They believe they will feel better “when.”

Here’s the thing…

The only time we can feel better is now.

Now is all we have.

It won’t be better “when” because “when” never comes.

Your accomplishments do not create your happiness. You do.

Set goals, go after them and enjoy the process.

Stay present and enjoy this moment. Life is never better “when.”

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