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I'm Krista St-Germain...

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When my husband was killed by a drunk driver, I struggled to imagine how I could ever love life without him. I was only 40 and all of my dreams for the future included him. Sadly, most of what I thought I knew about grief turned out to be outdated and unhelpful.

Now, as host of The Widowed Mom Podcast, my mission is to make sure other widows have accurate information about grief and healing so they can truly love life again.

This interview series will introduce you to other widows who share honestly what they’ve learned about grief. You’ll come away feeling encouraged, understood and hopeful!

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What Listeners are Saying...

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"Thank You!"

"I listened to these as I walked around my community …. Crying, cracking up, nodding vehemently… the honesty and and openness touched my heart."

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"A Must Have For Widows"

"I'm newly widowed for four months. My husband died during a cardiac procedure and was not able to be revived. This has given me so much validation that what I'm feeling and experiencing is normal and I'm not alone. Thank you for the encouragement and validation."

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"Genuinely Love This!"

"Krista knows grief and the landmines that come with it -- so the topics have been spot-on, insightful and packed with clear, constructive advice. I come away from each podcast with a little more clarity and inner peace that I'm finding my way."

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