What would it mean to get the exact support you need from someone who has helped thousands of widowed moms just like you?

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Join me this month in a live workshop, especially for widowed moms, all about post traumatic growth.

Each month I run a live workshop that has helped hundreds of widows feel better and start to create lives they love, even after losing their partner.

You can give it a try for only $7.


Designed exclusively for widowed moms, the Widows Like Us Monthly Workshop offers practical tools and helpful topics you won’t find anywhere else plus a community of women who understand. The best part? It takes only 90 minutes per month!

Join our June Workshop and learn the 5 Dimensions of Post Traumatic Growth and what research has shown is possible following trauma so you can do more than settle for a “new normal” that’s less than what you want. 

Unfortunately, most widows are struggling to find the right tools in a world that doesn't understand their grief.

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We don't want more depressing grief groups and we don't want to be told to "think positively."
We want tools that actually help.

After my husband died it was such a struggle to find tools and information that could actually help me. I was so sick of being told to “count my blessings” and “just be grateful.” I also didn’t want to be in a group of widows who were hell-bent on complaining about how awful life was and spent their time counting down the days until they could be re-united with their person. 

I wanted to love life again. And I wanted to learn from women who had been where I was.

And now that I’m on the other side of that struggle I want to show you how you can get there, too.

Widowed Mom…

Wishing you could get some tools to make navigating widowhood easier?

Introducing a powerful monthly workshop series created exclusively for widowed moms by Master Certified Life Coach, Grief Expert and host of The Widowed Mom Podcast, Krista St-Germain.

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This might sound familiar…
People keep telling you how “strong you are”

But you aren’t feeling so strong

You feel stuck in your grief and don’t want to stay there

But you don’t want another depressing grief group and aren’t sure what to do next

You want to believe a better future is possible

But it’s hard to imagine how without your person

If I hadn’t done it myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it was possible.

After my husband, Hugo, was killed by a drunk driver when I was 40, I struggled to find the resources I needed. Everything I found online was depressing and I didn’t know any widows I could relate with. I wanted to love life again but I didn’t know how.

I read all the grief books, joined all the grief groups and eventually found cognitive behavioral based coaching tools. I learned how to support my nervous system and navigate grief grenades. I learned how to change what I thought was possible for my life and start to see that my husband’s death didn’t mean I couldn’t love my life again.

Once I figured it out for myself, I wanted to help others who were where I once was. In 2018 I started coaching widowed moms and never looked back.

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Upcoming Monthly Workshop Topics...

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June –  “Post Traumatic Growth for Widows”

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when a widow is told to “get used to her new normal.” Because sadly, the message we often receive is “just be grateful for what you had” because it probably won’t be quite that good again. But the study of Post Traumatic Growth shows us that’s not the case!

In this workshop, you’ll learn the 5 Dimensions of Post Traumatic Growth and what research has shown is possible following trauma so you can do more than settle for a “new normal” that’s less than what you want.

Post Traumatic Growth is not for some of us, it’s for all of us. It’s absolutely possible to use your loss to create a life that’s as good or better than the life you had before without feeling guilty about it. Come learn how you can create it for yourself!

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July –  “Grief & Your Brain”

Ever wondered what’s going on in your brain during grief? Or maybe, because you don’t know what’s going on in your brain, you’ve questioned your sanity? After Hugo died, I remember wondering why, if I knew he had died, it still felt like he was on a business trip and would come home soon. And why did I keep trying to pick up my phone and text him. Why did it feel like a piece of me had died with him?  And then there’s widow fog… why is it so difficult to remember things and think clearly when we never struggled with this before? What can we do to ease this fog? While we have a lot to learn about what happens in the brain during grief, science has come a long way in recent years. In this workshop you’ll learn some of the most important things happening in a widow’s brain during grief and come away feeling more empowered, knowing exactly how we encode love and grief and how to navigate the experience with more ease and grace.

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August –  “Solo-Parenting in Grief”

Solo-parenting in grief is no joke. Most widowed moms feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and full of self-doubt (and this includes widows with grown children, too).

Those with young children worry about “messing them up” or making the wrong decisions. We hate it when we lose our patience and yell and sometimes we give them whatever they ask for because we feel guilty about all they’ve been through. We wonder whether our children are acting out because of grief or whether their behavior is “normal.”

Those with grown children worry about what our children will think of our choices, sometimes feel a heavy burden of advising them without our spouse or struggle to navigate complicated family dynamics.

If you relate to even one of these challenges, our August workshop will help.

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September – “From Stuck to Unstuck: Breaking Free from a Grief Plateau”

Most widows reach a point in grief where we feel stuck. We’re no longer curled up in the fetal position and are past the early days of acute grief, but we’re not feeling as good as we’d hoped. People keep telling us how “strong we are” and how “great we’re doing” but we’re still going through the motions and not really enjoying life.

This is often the point when we feel frustrated and disappointed because we expected things to be better by now. And when we don’t have the right tools, it can be easy to fall into the trap of settling for a life we don’t really love.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to identify when you’re stuck in a Grief Plateau and how to get yourself unstuck and back to loving life instead of just tolerating it.

If you’re not experiencing less joy than you want, are worried that your best days might be behind you or are just tired of feeling stuck, our September workshop will help.

Maybe you’re where I was, going through the motions and putting on a good show but secretly worried your best days are behind you.

While at the same time not wanting to settle for a “new normal” you didn’t ask for but not knowing what to do about it?

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place and the Widows Like Us Monthly Workshop is just what you’ve been looking for.

Imagine what it will feel like when you are:

Words from Clients

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I love working with Krista. The work I have done with her is so different than work I did with my counselor after my husband died. Krista has taught me how to feel my feelings, how and why my brain thinks the thoughts it does, and that I don’t have to accept every thought my brain offers. A big win for me has been the work Krista has taught me about my inner critic- she taught me how to love myself-really life changing at age 60. Krista has given me many tools that not only serve me when dealing with grief, but also help me when dealing with myself/my feelings, my relationships, and has prepared me for difficult times that will inevitably come in the future.
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Working with Krista is a really uplifting experience. She listens to what I say and how I want to proceed with my life without passing judgment. Instead, she helps me assess my thinking and find ways of thinking that will help me accomplish my goals. I like the way she turns my thoughts around and stops me in my tracks with the new perspective. She is completely herself, and relating to her is super easy.
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Working with Krista has been so empowering! She has the ability to draw out the key elements from the mess in my mind and reframe it, in order that I might make sense of it. I love her style of coaching which I'd describe as kind and caring yet no nonsense. I feel very comfortable talking about anything with her and genuinely feel she not only understands but really is a friend who wants the best for me. I have never heard her coach in a way that felt harsh. Somehow she always has a way to positively affect the person she is coaching, in a very timely manner! She is very skilled in her ability to coach!
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There is a moment in the coaching calls when Krista finds, for each woman, the center of her storm, the source of her suffering in the life situation that is receiving coaching. And from that place Krista gently guides her to a way of thinking and feeling that brings relief and hope. Not by offering solutions, but by suggesting she has the power within herself to create a life that is rich and full, and free from suffering. Krista truly has a unique gift for this work. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to the growth and healing of the women in the program. Her compassionate way of caring and responding to the pain of others permeates every aspect of the program. I began the MGO program in a dark and sad place after the death of my husband, and her coaching, tools and personal support have helped me to put away my own suffering and find light and the beginning of joy and purpose. I am finally ready to make those first forward steps into the rest of my life.

You’re a great fit if…

This isn't for you if…

How it works

Feel Better

The Monthly Workshop is an easy way for you to get support and feel better about your future!

Easy Access

You'll receive access to the live Monthly Workshops and recordings for as long as you are a member of the Widows Like Us program.

Monthly Live Workshops

You’ll have the opportunity to attend one live workshop each month via Zoom. Can’t attend live? Don’t worry… all Monthly Workshops are recorded so you can benefit even when you can’t be there in person.

Study Guides

Along with the Monthly Workshop, you'll receive worksheets you can use to take notes and solidify what you're learning each month. You'll also receive helpful tips via email and bite-sized bits of encouragement throughout the month.

Convenient Format

It’s convenient and entirely online so you can participate in a way that works best for you and your busy schedule no matter what time zone you live in.

Powerful Group Coaching

Not only will you get help from Krista directly during the workshop, but you’ll feel like you got coached even when all you did was watch another participant’s coaching. Participants feel connected, understood and supported.

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Widows Like Us Monthly Workshop is for you no matter how old your children are or when your partner died…

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My partner just died…

Many women join the Monthly Workshop shortly after the loss of their partner. They’re often worried they’ll “do grief wrong” (even though there really is no such thing, we promise) or they’re concerned they’ll get stuck in their grief and not make progress. As long as you’re able to devote 90 minutes to supporting yourself once a month, the Monthly Workshop is a powerful gift to give yourself as early as possible after your loss.

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My partner has been gone for years…

One of the most common myths of grief is that “time heals” and this can be incredibly frustrating when time has passed and you still don’t feel better! If you’re tired of watching time pass and not making the progress you’d like, you’re not alone and the Monthly Workshop can help!

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I have young children…

Managing your grief while solo parenting and helping your children manage their grief is daunting at best. And while it’s easy to put your own needs aside and focus on your children, it’s a terrible long term strategy. Grief is a marathon, not a sprint and as cliché as it sounds, you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first. The Monthly Workshop will get you headed down the path to more confidence and it’s designed with a busy solo mom’s schedule in mind.

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My children are grown…

Once a mom, always a mom. And while the challenges of solo parenting adult children are different from parenting young children, they aren’t necessarily any easier. The Monthly Workshop will help you improve your relationships with family members you care about, regardless of whether they live with you or have children of their own.

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Working with with Krista has been a game changer for me! She creates a safe non-judgemental space that allows you to dig deep and tackle your biggest obstacles.
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The most impactful thing I have received from working with Krista is HOPE. Hope that I'm not stuck in sadness and despair. Hope that tomorrow can be better than yesterday. Hope that I can control my thoughts and what I choose to make of them. I'm so thankful for Krista and the path of hope she's blazed for widows like me.
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I wouldn’t be where I am today without Krista! She’s real. She’s raw. She’s patient. Did I say she’s real?! There have been coaching calls where I think to myself… “This is a hard one….there is no way she can coach them through this….” And then she does! She is simply incredible. She finds new ways for us to view and perceive our grief, and our lives. She tells us to allow all of the feelings and never shames us for doing certain things or feeling certain ways. Krista is a true gift to anyone who knows her or works with her!
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Working with Krista has helped me find my way back. I felt lost for so long after my husband passed away - with no direction or purpose. Krista helped me navigate the rough waters. More importantly, she gave me the tools to help myself as I continue to navigate life with grief and hope.
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I love having step-by-step tools that I know I have the power to use to make things better for myself! I started the program thinking I needed to find some big purpose so my life would have meaning and happiness. I now am more clear on my purpose and values, I have learned my purpose is to just live my life and I am happier with my everyday choices, changing my thought to “I want to” instead of “I should or I need to” has helped me enjoy the little everyday things. I have more self-confidence, making decisions is easier and I love the thought there is no right or wrong decision. I am more curious about trying new things knowing the worse thing that can happen are feelings. I know with certainty that I can do hard things and that I can have a happy future. I feel proud of myself and very hopeful for the future.
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Before working with Krista St-Germain I felt hopeless. Being married for nearly 31 years my identity was very much attached to being Eddie's wife. Krista was able to help me understand my grief, embrace my independence and look forward to my future. I was able to find joy in my life and look forward to my future. I have gained the resources to make this happen.
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Shortly after my husband passed away in the summer of 2018, I received an invitation to join Krista’s Facebook group for widowed moms. About a year later, I learned about her podcast and started listening. The podcast was a real game changer in my life. Just listening to her words of wisdom inspired me to push forward in my life. I ultimately found my new person and was happily married but still felt some stress of past trauma. After the fourth anniversary of my late husband’s death, I reached out and joined Krista’s group coaching program. Krista’s coaching has led me continue to move forward in my life. She is an inspiration and has helped me realize that I can live the life that is right for me. Krista shares the tools you need to help yourself. I am just sorry it took me four years to reach out and ask for her help.
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Krista’s positivity and sincere caring concern is what drew me to her program. She genuinely cares about anyone who is a member and is so understanding and supportive of what they need help in. I always leave the podcasts and coaching calls with hope and insight and a very upbeat feeling.
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Perhaps you're wondering...

The Monthly Workshop is an easy way to get valuable help and tools beyond what most receive in therapy or other group grief groups. All you have to do is show up, follow along for 90 minutes or watch the recording if you can’t attend live.

We get it. Some people just want to talk about how awful it is to be a widow. Our monthly workshops will help you feel more powerful and confident so you can start creating your life instead of just tolerating it.

90 minutes once a month. That’s it!

No, it doesn’t matter if your children are young or grown, you are welcome to participate!

  1. Click the “Start $7 Trial Now” button above and put in your information.
  2. Once you’ve paid your initial $7, you’ll be good to go.
  3. Unless you cancel, you’ll pay just $29 once a month on subscription. You can cancel at any time.

Losing your parter to suicide is complicated and Krista has coached many widows through the nuances of healing after a suicide loss. All losses are welcome.

The Monthly Workshop was designed for busy moms. That’s why all workshop calls are recorded so you can watch them when it’s convenient for you. 

The Monthly Workshop is designed for the woman who isn’t ready for the significant investment of a small group, high touch coaching program (like our premier Mom Goes On 6 month coaching program). And we’ve made the pricing accessible in order to serve more widows.

We are an inclusive community. If you identify as a woman and a widow, you are welcome.

Many widows had relationships that weren’t full of rainbows and daisies. Some were even separated or divorced at the time of their partner’s death. This can make grief and healing more complex. Regardless of the type of the challenges you faced while they were living, this will help!

Then our full 6 month Mom Goes On Coaching program might be a better fit for you. It’s the premier coaching and community experience for widowed moms who are serious about investing in themselves. If you’re looking to invest more than 90 minutes a month so you can get back to loving life quickly and with lots of support from Krista and her team, click here and apply for the full Mom Goes On program.