Widowed Mom…

Wishing you could love your life again, even though your partner died?

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This might sound familiar…
People keep telling you how “strong you are”

But you aren’t feeling so strong

You feel stuck in your grief and don’t want to stay there

But you don’t want another depressing grief group and aren’t sure what to do next

You want to believe a better future is possible

But it’s hard to imagine how without your person

Maybe you’re where I was, secretly worried your best days are behind you.

But also not wanting to settle for a “new normal” you didn’t ask for?

If this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place and my Mom Goes On program is just what you’ve been looking for.

If I hadn’t done it myself, I probably wouldn’t believe it was possible.

After my husband, Hugo, was killed by a drunk driver when I was 40, I found myself in a grief plateau. I was no longer curled up in the fetal position and had gone back to work. But I didn’t feel as strong as everyone was telling me I looked… instead, I felt robotic, hollow and worried that my best days were behind me. I wanted to love life again but I didn’t know how.

Fortunately I discovered life coaching and Post Traumatic Growth. The tools were so powerful that I decided to devote my career to helping other widows genuinely love their lives again, too. None of us need to settle for a “new normal” that’s less than what we want and that includes you!

Imagine what it will feel like when you are:

What would it mean to take what’s happened and use it to design a future so you feel alive and fully satisfied with life?


Designed exclusively for widowed moms, Mom Goes On offers a proven process, grounded in cognitive behavioral science and Post Traumatic Growth, to help you uncover what’s holding you back so you can genuinely love your life again even as a widow.

Unfortunately, most widows are taught that the best we can hope for is to “bounce back” and find a new normal. But through the science of Post Traumatic Growth and Positive Neural Plasticity, experts now know that we can leverage our loss to “bounce forward.”

We can use our whole life experience, especially the hard parts, to create a future that is even more of what we want… our relationships can become deeper and more meaningful, we can become more in touch with who we are and what we value… we can actually create more satisfying lives BECAUSE of our loss, not in spite of it.

This is what’s possible for you in Mom Goes On.

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What you’ll learn

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When you join Mom Goes On, you’ll learn a completely different way of approaching emotions so you can become someone who navigates even the most challenging emotions to create the life she wants.

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We’ll walk you through our proven process, step by step, so you feel confident and excited about your future. We’ll redesign your beliefs about yourself, your future, and systematically remove anything that’s in the way of loving your life again.

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The work we’ll do together in Mom Goes On will also benefit your children and every single relationship in your life. If you have little ones, you’ll become confident in your parenting knowing you’re raising resilient, independent children. And if your children are grown, you’ll know how to navigate their opinions about how you should live your life and how to find the balance of supporting them emotionally in a way that feels healthy for you.

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You’ll be certain of your ability to make any kind of decision on your own and empowered to create anything you want. Your relationships with others will seem easier because you’ll know exactly why they aren’t working and what to do about it. Whether you’re dating again or contemplating it, you’ll know you can be happy either way.

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You’ll know how to support yourself when you feel overwhelmed, how to stop people pleasing those who have opinions about your grief and life choices and have the skills you need to create any result that matters to you.

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By the time you complete the Mom Goes On program, we will have examined every area of your life and you’ll be stronger, bolder and more self-assured than ever before. You’ll come out with a tool-kit that prepares you for challenges in the future and know how to coach yourself through whatever else comes your way.

Words from Clients

Click play to hear about the impact that Mom Goes On has had on the lives of these widowed moms.

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My husband, Eric, passed away four months before I signed up for coaching. I was really overwhelmed with the idea of solo parenting and figuring out how to do life without him. I started looking into anything and everything people would suggest, and Mom Goes On was the first thing that felt concrete. From my time in Mom Goes On, I feel more present and able to enjoy the things that we have, because I'm not completely overwhelmed by being a solo parent. I can feel frustrated and let it flow through me without snapping or yelling. I don't lay in bed beating myself up and thinking about all the things that went wrong. There’s a sense of calm that wasn’t there before. I’ve learned that I’m strong. I’m capable of doing hard things and handling things calmly, with as much grace as possible. And I’m capable of making good decisions for myself and the girls.

I didn't even know what to hope for when I joined Mom Goes On because I was so in the depths of grief. Now I feel so confident that I can be happy and love my life.
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I was originally looking for a dating coach, but I wasn’t sure if they could help widows, and I wasn't sure I was ready to date. My colleague sent me Krista, and I was drawn to her energy and enthusiasm. On the first call, she asked what I wanted in life. I have a big list of goals and I wanted to go, go, go all the time and bypass feelings, because I tend to think accomplishing things will resolve feelings. I didn't want to feel inadequate, ashamed, unseen, or unlovable. Krista helped me slow down, look at my feelings and thoughts, and then figure out a path to get where I want to go. Whenever I feel stuck or overwhelmed, she coached me on how everything can be figured out. The takeaway is that I can relax into uncertainty. That feels a little scary, but mostly it feels empowering. Krista helps me slow down and locate myself in a compassionate, objective way.

She is helping me lean into uncomfortable feelings in order to have the life that I want.
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I’ve always been a joyful person, but I became so angry after my husband died. I would yell at my kids for normal stuff, like spilling milk or getting dirt on their clothes. I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted, because I would feel so horrible afterward. But in the moment, I couldn’t stop. Krista told me to think of my thoughts like a platter. I have lots of options, and I can pick and choose how I want to respond to any situation. So now, instead of allowing myself to explode, I take a second and think, “Okay, they just spilled water. What do I want to do here? What do I want to say?” I’m much more calm and peaceful than before – and my kids are, too! Mom Goes On is truly life changing. I know I can’t go back in time, but I wish I had done it sooner. I floundered for three and a half years after Todd died, just barely surviving.

Now I actually like my life! Even though Todd is not here, I like the rest of it. It’s all thanks to Krista and the things she teaches.
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I love having step-by-step tools that I know I have the power to use to make things better for myself! I started the program thinking I needed to find some big purpose so my life would have meaning and happiness. I now am more clear on my purpose and values, I have learned my purpose is to just live my life and I am happier with my everyday choices, changing my thought to “I want to” instead of “I should or I need to” has helped me enjoy the little everyday things. I have more self-confidence, making decisions is easier and I love the thought there is no right or wrong decision. I am more curious about trying new things knowing the worse thing that can happen are feelings. I know with certainty that I can do hard things and that I can have a happy future.I feel proud of myself and very hopeful for the future.

Thank you so much for starting MGO and sharing your knowledge in a way that has been so helpful for me.
Colleen J.

You’re a great fit if…

You’re not quite ready if…

How it works

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More Words From Clients

“The tools were slowly helping me pull away some of the layers of feelings & thoughts that were getting in the way of me showing up to be the best person I could be. The more I work with Krista, the more I pull those layers away, the more I show up as who I really want to be, and it’s been amazing.” – Suzanne

“Krista’s program is a breath of fresh air. One of the benefits of the program is that I stopped worrying about whether I was doing widowhood wrong and just decided I would do it for me. With Mom Goes On, I came out with was a purpose and a future that I was looking forward to.” – Julie

“One of my favorite things that I’ve learned from Mom Goes On is the ability to change my thoughts, change my feelings, change my actions, and change my results. It touches on a lot of different aspects of your life all at the sale time. Mom Goes On is a path forward.” – Carrie

“One of the things that I really love about working with Krista is learning to really embrace the feelings. With all the skills and tools that I’m learning with the coaching, it helps me create a more stable happy home for my kids.” – Wendy

“The sisterhood within the group is phenomenal. I’ve learned to truly allow feelings, to just let the feelings come, and don’t make it mean something that it doesn’t. And, then to figure out whether it’s a feeling/thought I like and to choose those thoughts with intention to create a life that I genuinely love and look forward to.” – Jamie

“With Mom Goes On, I know every week I’ve got other people I can talk to that have had similar situations and they’re thriving, they’re living through it, they’ve gone on with their lives. Just to have that constant reassurance and support – it’s been really wonderful. It’s been helpful having the group to go back to get advice & encouragement.” – Vicki

“I went from not wanting to get off my couch to having absolutely no motivation to knowing I can do this and to improving my life immensely. Mom Goes On is what saved me.” – Annette

“That is a really positive aspect of the program for me that we could lift each other up in whatever it was that we’re trying to move forward with. Mom Goes On is a gift.” – Laura

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Mom Goes On is for you no matter how old your children are or when your partner died…

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My partner just died…

Many women join Mom Goes On shortly after the loss of their partner. They’re often worried they’ll “do grief wrong” (even though there really is no such thing, we promise) or they’re concerned they’ll get stuck in their grief and not make progress. As long as your widow fog is manageable enough that you’re able to follow along with the tools and exercises we provide, Mom Goes On is a powerful gift to give yourself as early as possible after your loss.

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My partner has been gone for years…

One of the most common myths of grief is that “time heals” and this can be incredibly frustrating when time has passed and you still don’t feel better! If you’re tired of watching time pass and not making the progress you’d like, you’re not alone and Mom Goes On can help!

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I have young children…

Managing your grief while solo parenting and helping your children manage their grief is daunting at best. And while it’s easy to put your own needs aside and focus on your children, it’s a terrible long term strategy. Grief is a marathon, not a sprint and as cliché as it sounds, you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Mom Goes On will give you what you need so you can be at your best and feel confident about raising them. And it’s designed with a busy solo mom’s schedule in mind and full of other widowed moms who “get it” when no one else in your world does.

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My children are grown…

Once a mom, always a mom. And while the challenges of solo parenting adult children are different from parenting young children, they aren’t necessarily any easier. Mom Goes On will help you improve your relationships with family members you care about, regardless of whether they live with you or have children of their own.

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I lost my husband to suicide in December of 2018. The first year or so was a blur. I was in shock and I busying myself, doing a great job of avoiding my feelings. A year and a half after he died, I found The Widowed Mom Podcast and thought to myself, “Okay, Krista gets it. She is going to help me.” When I learned of the Mom Goes On program, I was curious. At first, I was a little bit skeptical of the group setting, as I didn't want to be lost in a crowd. What I discovered was that being in a group is like finding a bunch of new best friends that you have this terrible thing in common with, and you help each other through. I've learned from other people’s questions and coaching. I really have grown so much, feel so supported, and have gained some really powerful tools.

Mom Goes On is a great way to get your life back. And I love it so much, I signed up again for Mom Goes On Masters!
Suzanne avatar
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To enumerate the victories here would be endless, but among the more important ones, I have come to see myself as a strong and capable mother who chooses her children over other distractions, who advocates for her son who at 5 and a half has not learned to speak, who forgives herself for imperfections and teaches her children that “failing forward” is a thing! I have begun helping other widowed moms and children at a local grief center. I have carved out time for myself: I learned to sail and am playing guitar. I make time for friends. I care for my body and lend a hand to neighbors.

Mom Goes On has allowed me to see that I am not alone—through the mirror of other women I have been able to see myself. Through their successes, I have crafted my own.
Laura W.
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Today I feel like I’m a different person from one year ago. Krista and my group of moms have changed my life. I not only learned skills to handle my loss but I have also used the tips and techniques in my everyday life. I am in touch with how my feelings affect me daily and know how to handle those feelings now. I am mentally so much stronger than I thought possible. I could go on and on about the positive impacts of this program.

Thank you, thank you, Krista, a million times for having the insight and courage to form this program.
Victoria B.
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My life is better because of Mom Goes On. Krista’s tools and coaching have allowed me to peel off layers of grief like an onion and get to my best self. If it weren’t for what I learned in Mom Goes On, I would still be stuck in the same patterns that were holding me back from being my best self.

If I could give advice to a widow considering joining I would tell her it’s the catalyst to help her move from staying stuck in grief vs taking grief forward into a much fuller life.
Suzanne G.
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I was in a very sad, lonely and dark place before finding Mom Goes On. I had PTSD from the suicide loss of my husband. Mom Goes On gave me a safe place to learn and grow and the women in it are nothing short of amazing.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done and now see that my future can be full of joy, hope and new understanding.
Cheri M.
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I learned practical strategies for dealing with my grief surrounding my husband’s death, and I learned how to dream about and build my next chapter in life. I also learned useful ways to approach all the new experiences that widowhood brings as well as the new life for me and for my children.

I am excited for my future!
Julie M.
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Things that I never thought I could get to, I see are now possible. The work is not fluff, it’s true intense work on myself.

I’ve come a long way from the dark places in my mind to seeing what’s possible for me.
Pam D.
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I’ll be honest, although there was something that drew me to Krista’s MGO program, I fought the concepts hard when I joined. As a widow, I felt the kids and I were now on the “outside” of the goodness of life.

But I stuck with it, and now I see the world and myself from a more loving perspective.
Ann K.

What would it mean to stop settling for a “new normal” you didn’t ask for and truly love your life again?

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Perhaps you're wondering...

The program is powerful and one-of-a-kind. If you are honest and apply what we teach, you will be amazed at how you can change your life for the better! Our most successful clients are those who WANT to see changes in their lives and are willing to take action to make that happen. If you have a history of starting strong but not finishing, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Learning to be a strong finisher is something we teach in Mom Goes On.

We get it. Some people just want to talk about how awful it is to be a widow. This program is not about perpetual pity-parties. We believe in acknowledging that it’s hard and then deciding to be women who do hard things. Mom Goes On members join because they aren’t willing to let their loss define them. That said, all emotions are welcome and it’s ok if you cry. We’re just not going to stay stuck in the sadness.

We’ve designed this program with busy moms in mind. And because of that, we give lots of options for support. Just like you don’t try to watch every show on Netflix, you don’t need to do everything inside our program. You’ll pick and choose what works for your schedule and focus on the aspects of grief and growth that matter to you.

Members who are most successful carve out 20-30 minutes in their calendars 5 days a week to invest in themselves and complete the application activities in the program.

We hear you and many widows have the same concern. For this reason, everyone signs a confidentiality agreement. This program has been running since 2019 and there has never been a privacy complaint or issue. We do our best to ensure that what happens in Mom Goes On, stays in Mom Goes On.

No, all moms are welcome in Mom Goes On. The average member has children at home or in college but many members have grown children and even grandchildren.

  1. Click “Apply Now” and complete the application.
  2. If we believe our program will help, we’ll send a link to a free private training you can watch in the privacy of your own home. You’ll learn the exact three-part framework we use inside the program and all the details about how it works so you’ll have all the info you need to make your decision.
  3. After you watch the private training, we’ll be standing by to answer your questions via text or email. If you’d like to talk to a member of our team on the phone, we’ll be happy to hop on the phone to make sure Mom Goes On is the perfect fit for you.

Losing your parter to suicide is complicated and we have coached many widows through the nuances of healing after a suicide loss.

Mom Goes On was designed for busy moms. That’s why all coaching calls are recorded so you can watch them when it’s convenient for you. To make sure you get the support you need, we provide online asynchronous coaching inside an app you can carry with you on your smartphone. We also teach you how to apply the coaching lessons other women are getting in the group to your own life (even when their stories are different than yours) so you feel like you got coached even when you didn’t.

It’s not cheap, and that’s by design. The women who get the most from this program are the ones who don’t just pay and expect magic to happen… they participate! It’s the difference between paying a little for a gym membership you never use and investing more in a personal trainer so you’ll actually get results.

We want to make sure we only offer women spots in the program when they are ready. If depression is unmanaged or widow fog is too intense, the program would not be helpful and we want to set widows up for success! (See the checklists above to know if you’re ready for the program.)

No, and here’s why… Group coaching is more powerful than one-on-one coaching. The human brain tends to be a bit resistant when we are being coached one-on-one. But when we’re watching someone else get coached, our brain is less defensive and better able to receive the coaching. Even better, many widows think there’s something wrong with them and in a group we make progress faster because you’ll see that you’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. Then we can get to the good stuff so you can fall in love with your life again.

We are an inclusive community. If you identify as a woman and a widow, you are welcome in Mom Goes On.

Many women join the program having had challenging relationships. Some were even separated or divorced at the time of their partner’s death. This can make grief and healing more complex. Regardless of the type of the challenges you faced while they were living, Mom Goes On can help!