Working the Formula Backward

Remember when the movie “The Secret” hit theaters? I wrote down my dreams and practiced saying things like, “My money is on its way to me right now,” and “All my dreams are coming true.”

And then I waited.

And nothing changed.

My money didn’t come.

My dreams didn’t come true.

I felt like I had been deceived.

Sound familiar?

It’s true that thoughts become things. But they only become things you want when they create feelings which fuel the right actions.

The thoughts I was thinking made me feel peaceful. Unlike commitment or determination, peacefulness doesn’t drive the massive action needed to create results.

To find thoughts that will create your dreams, work the formula backward.

Answer these questions:
What result do I want to create?
What actions would I need to take to create that result?
What emotion would fuel those actions?
What would I need to believe to generate that emotion?

Voila… practice that thought.

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